I’m Fonda Heath Neal

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As a natural health specialist, I am passionate about educating men and women on natural health. I provide:

Natural Health Coaching

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Why are supplements beneficial?

Supplements provide many of the nutrients your body may be lacking. As a Natural Health Specialist, Fonda can provide you with recommendations.

What is a Natural Health Coach?

A natural health coach is someone who supports clients in achieving their health goals through holistic lifestyle modifications.

What is Natural Health?

Natural Health consists of whole food, hydration, safe movement, fun, sleep, emotional wellness, and a non-toxic environment.

About Me

Hello, my name is Fonda Heath Neal. I maintain a variety of roles, from wife and mother to sister and friend. I have been interested in health and wellness for the past 20 years, including healthy eating practices, physical fitness, reading ingredient labels on products and foods, using “safe” cleaning products, etc.

“I have worked in the healthcare environment for ten years and have always enjoyed helping people.”

When I started having some health issues and began researching solutions, I realized that natural health was a better approach.


Healthy Eating

Health & Beauty


As a Natural Health Specialist, I am committed to supporting the health of my clients.

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