Recommended Products

This section is dedicated to products and/or services that have either been personally used by me and/or have been researched by me and vetted as natural or safe. Research sources include, but not limited to:

EWG, Environmental Working Group at

A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients, 7th Edition, by Ruth Winter, M.S., 2009

I am a proud affiliate of several companies listed and may receive a commission should you choose to invest in the product/service using my affiliate link.



+ Nature’s Sunshine

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Lab Services
Essential Oils

+ Plant Therapy

(KidSafe blends, organic, hydrosols, and more!)
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+ Young Living Essential Oils

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Unscented Soaps
Green Cleaning Services
Odor Eliminator

If you would like to receive a product review to determine if products you use or are considering using are safe and truly non-toxic, contact Irina Webb.

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